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Treasure your animal park memories forever!
Create your own downloadable book.

How is Bunyip Creations’ BUILD YOUR BOOK different to other personalised books?

* It is about YOU or YOUR CHILD
Key in your favourite (zoo/animal park) location, date and a specific name
These are used throughout the pages of your choice
Create an adventure to remember,
OR, make one up!

* Print
Download and print as often as you like (Not for resale. See Terms and Conditions)

* Create
Add personal photos, drawings, craft, create additional pages, laminate and more!
Bind: Staple, Ribbon, Sew, Glue. We offer suggestions on our Facebook page

* Multi-purpose
Children love to read their book
Momento of a special occasion eg 1st zoo visit
Unique Gift for family and friends

* Educational Benefits
Children are more enthusiastic to read when:
~ their name can be found on numerous pages
~ they get to help CHOOSE the content
~ the words and pictures link
~ learn simple, engaging facts about their favourite animals
~ repeatedly use their book with Reading and Writing games. Visit our BLOG PAGE for ideas

You can find out more about our Environmental goals and Community programs via our FAQ‘s

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