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My Bunyip Story – How this Website came to be

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Hello and welcome to Bunyip Creations! I am Michelle and I thought I’d start by telling you about the creation of my business “Bunyip Creations”.

It all started 5 years ago after a visit to Melbourne Zoo with my (then) 1yr old daughter. We wanted to celebrate this milestone with a family outing.

My daughter was in a pram still. So, we chose a path that would take us past as many of the animals as we could, keeping in mind that little ones need feeds and toilet (nappy) breaks regularly. Plus, they get tired quickly so naps had to be accounted for…
*First time mum *Over thinking mother right here!!! PLAN/PACK FOR EVERYTHING!

So… As most people do, enter through the gates, V-line towards the café/toilet block for a feed, nappy duties, COFFEE etc etc as that’s priority after 1.5hours in a car! Plus, it was also much warmer in the cafe/restaurant as it was raining A LOT outside!

Once the weather subsided, we headed out… We had entered via the Main entry to the café, we continued on the way towards the “railway entrance”. Back in 2013, the main attraction in that direction was the seals (particularly as the wet weather was still lurking) which kept us undercover. She was WOWED by the seals swimming through the vibrant blue water and captivated by the aquariums lining the walls.

Through the bird enclosure and the butterflies (another obvious rain shelter!) where she tried to catch anything that landed too close to her little hands… FINALLY, sunshine! Elephants, Giraffe’s, Emu’s…

We had a wonderful adventure watching the animals and trying to find others camouflaged in their enclosures.
We could see how excited our daughter became when the penguins swam past the glass windows around their pool and how her eyes lit up when the monkeys swung across the ropes hung throughout their enclosures. She would grizzle when we couldn’t find the spiders hiding amongst the grass or branches and squealed for joy when the elephants splashed in the water.
Then it was time to leave.

To mark the occasion I looked through the giftshop to find something that reflected our visit… Soft toys, books about individual animals, clothing, jewellery, bags and more! Nothing that really caught my eye. I settled on a domino type set with animal images on the tiles. On the back I wrote a few details about where and when we went as a special memento for when she grows up.

3years later we did another visit for her sister, whom I chose a pack of animal facts. In years to come it may be interesting to learn which facts have changed.

Soon it will be their brothers turn and while I will keep the tradition and find something in the shop, I will also let them make their own special memory via my website Bunyip Creations.

Our little outing sparked an idea to design a website for parents, carers, guardians, grandparents, families and more to be able to take those little moments and embed them into a unique product.
Our website allows a streamlined process to choose the animals your child liked the most during your adventure and select from our crafted sentences. Add these to a few personal details of your child’s visit to the animal park and you have created a unique book for your child.

Want to know the best thing about this?

You receive all of this as a PDF file in your email! You can add photos from your outing and drawings or craft your child creates! Then bind it all together to make a truly unique bedtime reader for your child or a special gift for your family!

What was seemingly an innocent adventure to begin with, has sparked a whole new adventure for our family and a wonderful opportunity for those involved with it.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my creation and encourage you all to seek your own adventures in this wonderful world we live in!

First zoo visit

First time at the zoo seeing the animals

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