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Supporting Others

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In my first blog I told you a little story of how I came to create Bunyip Creations. I’d now like to broaden this with the following question:


Yes, WHY! This is a question that comes up in many business groups to help people focus on the reason they created their business. For many it is for their children: to set a good example, to make some extra money on top of their primary job, to have a life outside of the family, to build a life as a single parent and so on. For others it is for financial freedom: they may have a partner who works but would like a few finer things in life. Many of these reasons may cross over and there are different reasons for everyone!

My reason: my community spirit! I want to help my local, Australian AND world communities!!!

I truly enjoy helping those around me.

Over the last 15 years I have been on several different community group committees from cricket clubs to playgroup to quilting festival. My roles have encompassed everything from treasurer and secretary to event planning and making craft.

Primarily, for the last 6 years I have been a Stay At Home Mum. Along with my partner, I have been maintaining children, house, garden, pets, a few of the volunteering roles I have already mentioned and building a base of friendships in my local area.

While contributing my experience and knowledge to these local groups I have become aware of a rising need for somewhere that people can gain access into the workforce.

They were mums returning to work after years of staying home with kids, adults struggling to make ends meet, young adults needing work experience, SAHM’s needing an outlet for their own creativity and simply working mums who need more flexibility.

How could I help?

Over the last few years I have had this idea for a business but like most people, there have been excuses why I didn’t start it sooner: finances, self confidence issues and lack of “time” or “focus”…

I am lucky to have very supportive parents, so when they recently gifted me a large sum of $, I (almost) immediately decided to use it to kick start this project.

Getting my “village” involved…

I decided I could start by getting friends and family involved if they were interested. And by supporting local or Australian businesses as much as possible!

At first, I hoped some friends would join me on my venture but alas, they had commitments of their own that they wished to prioritise (It takes a brave person to recognise and make a decision like that!)

So, while they couldn’t commit to building the business with me, they are still coming along for the ride, creating beautiful illustrations (these will be available in the future) and acting as my “sound board” when I am stuck on certain decisions. I really could not have done this without their support and assistance!

Once I had set my mind to starting this wonderful creation, I had to choose who would help build the actual website. Cue, Business Jump*. Foundered by the lovely Natasha Stewart located in NSW.

I followed them for many months before taking the leap and have been blown away by their knowledge and ability to help create this website. 

Business Jump creates simple, stylish websites for women wishing to enter the online business world. My website is… how shall I put this? COMPLICATED!

So, working with Natasha and Stephanie, we have been able to create a version of my vision that will allow you to create your own souvenir or memento of a treasured family visit to a Zoo or Wildlife Park. You can Build your book then print at home and add personal photos and/or artworks to make this a truly unique gift for your child, other family members or friends.

Now, don’t get me wrong… This website is not EXACTLY as I dreamed it would be and that is due to the need to reassess what I could get for my money and adapt to time frames and what others could make available to me!

Valuing my family and friends…

It has been a pleasure having some of my dear friends and family work with me!

I encourage them to express themselves through their artwork, and for other roles to explore how they can gain a wider knowledge and experience in what they do! This in turn helps them to boost their confidence. It is also a great way to express ourselves OUTSIDE BEING A PARENT!

I began by speaking to close friends that I knew had some experience in the artistic/book publishing world and gained enough confidence to proceed to the website creation stage.

I enlisted Business Jump to create The creation began…

As the creation began to slow in momentum, it then became apparent that, AS PARENTS, we have many commitments within our families and circles of friends and the illustrations were taking longer than I had anticipated.

I had to reassess! I simply could not create the website with only 8 animals available.

So, while I had envisioned a beautiful, illustrated book, I had to adjust what the final product would look like.

Cue, Alchemi Glow! A childhood friend of mine has been posting photos he had taken at numerous animal parks around town. As an amatuer  photographer, his photos were different to many I had been able to get over the years. I enlisted Michael’s help to create what is now available to you!

Our Virtual Assistant is a local woman whose child is in the same school class as my own daughter and I am looking to hire persons from my area for other roles. This is just the start of Bunyip Creations Community Values!

What does the Bunyip Creations team believe in? 

The last major community engagement we at Bunyip Creations would like to share with you is our commitment to the larger community… the Australian community and the world community.

Each month, we aim to run various promotions.

These may include colouring and photo competitions amongst other offerings, with prizes from various small businesses from around Australia. We will share posts and promote their products so you can see what an amazingly talented country we are a part of!

We will run voting panels where you will be able to vote on who receives a donation. The donation will be a portion of each book sold within a set timeframe and we will split the takings between up to 3 not-for-profit organisations.

THIS IS SOOOOO EXCITING FOR ME! I love being able to use what I have to boost others! So please, check out Bunyip Creations and get behind our core beliefs and values!

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