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How to Help Your Child have more Independence when Reading

 In Childrens Reading

There are many challenges facing our children as they navigate the world of

Last year my child went through the first steps of reading:

Step ONE: Recognising letters
Step TWO: Processing how combinations of letters = words
Step THREE: How strings of words become sentences…

Have you ever stopped to consider how tricky it is for young children to learn the combinations
and then move from picture books to novels?

It can be an overwhelming process when combined with the other fundamentals of literature.

Step FOUR: These sentences have different meanings.
Step FIVE: A book can have a few words on a page or it can have hundreds!
Step SIX: A book can be written for different purposes: persuasive, educational, fictional etc.

As my child is now delving into bigger and more difficult books I am facing the challenge of how she keeps track of the page she is up to. Occasionally, she also loses momentum with the
“sustained” reading tasks.

Create your Bookmark

Materials for creating your Bookmark

How I help my child take ownership of the reading process

A little trick I am using is to allow her to make her own bookmark.
By doing this she has taken ownership of the reading process.

– She can decide when and where to stop reading by marking the pages
– She has an increased enthusiasm for reading the smaller text
– She is more patient with allowing extra time to read each page

The small step of allowing her to make something that is functional and unique to herself, has
allowed her to overcome the challenges she was facing while improving her reading capabilities.

If your child would benefit from having a little bookmark of their own, try our simple template
here by joining our emailing list.

Your children can add their own little personal touches to their creation!

Once they learn the simple steps, they can experiment by making all sorts of wonderful

A favourite bookmark can make a book all the more enjoyable. I have had mine for over 15
years! – Michelle, Bunyip Creations Founder


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