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Let’s start by saying: We hope you love this product and understand that we have only just started this venture and at this stage it is a simple version of the product we ultimately want to offer to you!

There are a number of upgrades to the website and product that we will address over time. And many, many more that we want… just so it will make the experience soooo much more exciting! 😉

We are trying not to go at sloth pace but will keep you informed as we achieve each step!

The first few items we wish to rectify include:


  • The slow pace at which the images load when you are attempting to PREVIEW your selections is due to the size of the photos used. First, we will endeavour to seek a way to reduce the resolution of the images at this stage of the process while ensuring the product you receive is of the finest quality!
  • The load time can also vary depending on the internet speed or mobile bandwidth that is being used to load the PREVIEW images. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with the available internet connection, but hope that if we can make some adjustments to the template itself then this issue will be obsolete 😀


  • Currently, there is a popup requesting you to join our mailing list. If you join, fantastic! Welcome! If, like me, you do not care for these popups, rest assured we will be looking at other locations this can be visible but not so IN YOUR FACE 😊
  • Occasionally there may also be some issues with the book preview or purchase process. This is due to updates in the programs used to make the website. Hopefully we can keep on top of these.

If you notice any errors, please contact us on and we will act on it asap.
This is something we hope to avoid in future with upgrades to the website!


  • Currently, we have put together around 24 animals for you to select from.
    Each book lets you choose 8 to go in it.
  • We want to offer more animals to choose from, more sentences per animal and further into the future, more language choices. We will keep you updated as to our progress!
How do I purchase the book?
  • Simply go to the BUILD YOUR BOOK button and ORDER NOW.
  • You will then be able to key in your child’s adventure information and move through the individual TABS to choose 8 individual animals and a sentence to go with each.
    NOTE: Details from the child’s information (eg Child’s name) will transfer across to allocated locations within the book to make it special.
  • You then PREVIEW and once satisfied, APPROVE & CONTINUE
  • You will be asked to ADD TO CART.
  • You may choose to create additional books to purchase by CONTINUE TO SHOP or simply follow the purchase process.
  • The PDF versions of your purchase will be emailed to you to use as you wish but within the boundaries of the Terms and Conditions.
Where is my book?

If you have completed your purchase, you should receive an email confirmation. Within 48 hours you should also receive an additional email containing a link to access your book in PDF format. You can save your book from this location.
If you have not received the email containing the link or there is an error when attempting to follow the link please advise us immediately at .
As an added bonus, if you register an account with us, all of your purchases will be recorded under the ORDERS section of your account. You will be able to access these any time by logging in!
Please contact us should you lose you PDF at any time. The code will be provided in your confirmation email.

How can I use the book?

We have created this book with many uses in mind.
The font resembles what is used within the Australian educational system so it can be used as an “early reader” for young school age children.
You can inspire toddlers to enjoy reading with beautiful images and seeing their name on the pages that not only contain simple animal facts, they also re-create the experience the child had when visiting an animal park.
Your children can draw or colour-in pictures or you can print photos of their adventure to make the book unique. If you want ideas for what to include, follow us on Facebook.
You can give the book as a gift! You can include whatever you want and bind it however you can. It will be as unique as you wish to make it.

How do I bind the book pages together?

You may bind the book in any manner you wish. You may submit it to a printing company to create a professional bound book NOTE: at this stage we do not offer the ability to add personal files into the book to be included in a single file with a printing company. We hope to offer this in future!
There are often many binding options around every household!

  • Simple methods include: staples, tape, glue the edge you want as the spine, hole punched and into a folder, paper fasteners. There is a huge range of paper fasteners!
  • More intricate methods include: Gluing and stitching the pages together with thread.
    For more detailed suggestions please follow our social media avenues.
Can I make a repetition of the one book selections and simply change the childs name?

We have created this book with the notion that each child enjoys choosing their own set of animals and sentences to reflect their interests and experience. At this stage, you must create each book individually.

If I make a mistake, am I able to return to the selections page and edit?
  • When making your selections we suggest that you REFRESH PREVIEW to allow our website to provide you with a preview of your product. At this point you will be able to change your selections and update the information you have provided.
    (We apologise for the slow nature of this preview screen. Refer to FAQ’s questions regarding website speed for explanation)
  • Once you have proceeded to ADD TO CART no amendments can be made to the specific order. You must either delete and start again OR return to the ORDER YOUR BOOK and create another awesome book.
Can I access copies of previously bought products to download again?

You will receive an email containing a link to your PDF copy your book. You can save this PDF onto your computer or external storage so that you can print it as often as you like (we know how kids love things to pieces 😉), as per our Terms of Use agreement. If you accidentally lose the document, please contact us at, with your ORDER NUMBER and we will be able to resend the link.

Where can I follow Bunyip Creations on social media?

We have accounts on:

Why was Bunyip Creations developed?

TREASURED MEMORIES: The idea came about as a way to create a beautiful keepsake of my child’s first experience at the zoo (as I didn’t like much in the shop). It has developed to be an extension of the experience!
It can be for any visit to an animal park that parents would like to remember. The child can help by choosing animals, or drawing pictures or choosing photos to be printed and added between the pages before it is bound together.
UNIQUE GIFT: Since it can include your choice of photos and artwork on top of the selections we offer, you can bind it beautifully and give as a gift to family and friends.
EDUCATIONAL: It is now tailored towards the educational side including VIC Cursive font style and (hopefully) correct punctuation in simple sentences that will engage new readers to read about themselves and their favourite animals.
CONCIENCOUS BUSINESS: Our goals are to support our local community by creating employment opportunities and supporting not for profit groups fundraising efforts. On a broader spectrum, instead of offering purchase discounts, we endeavour to offer a portion of our sales to various environmental groups around the globe. We also plan to support primary schools in their fundraising or educational efforts within their literacy departments.



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